July 11, 2008

Feed Your Gurliosity

The blogs are a'buzz. Love, hate, boredom, cooler than thou, less cool than thou, deformed lust, where did I put my pseudo-vacuous speakface?

Fraught stuff over at Johannes Goransson's. You can read them in order with their attendant resplendent comment streams:

1. Gurlesque
2. Gurlesque (few more notes)
3. Gurlesque (brief note)
4. Valley Girl
5. Gurlesque
6. Lara Glenum on Gurlesque (see above post coming soon!)

K. Lorraine Graham reflects and questions in her ever-sharp fashion, and reminds us what it means to got back:
1. Still thinking about bad girls, and also Gurlesque
2. I like the grotesque. Going back to the moment of horror again and again is soothing.
3. My butt is like, so not big, but whatever

Elizabeth Treadwell gives good disgust with OMG, coy?

Jilly Dybka muses on why her work hasn't got that Gurlesque thing, but has got plenty of nails up noses and other such thrills!

And K. Silem Mohammad is totally using up the culture trash poem garbage--leave some unicorns for the rest of us, Kasey! You are a unicorn hog!

Sianne Ngai's indispensable in relation.

Also, Johannes points us to this great poetics statement by Ariana Reines, "Sucking"

and if you haven't read this story by my admired co-conspirator Alissa Nutting, then you are missing the heartsmashing business of a Gurlesque-ish fiction. If that's shameless friend-promotion, I don't care. It's a really good story. It has poop, psychedelics, mastectomies, and clam shaped bed love.

The final segment of my chat with Arielle will go up over the weekend.

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