December 1, 2008

elizabeth treadwell

3 from "Virginia or the
mud-flap girl"



suspect & friend
the missing guard, the holy nightblock
these smally cells, fair linguist
as extreme as a worn & fractured bank-note
the folks who'd been attending their lives arrived late
in soiled dresses
the daffy windbreak, the goody bell-hop,
this flophouse ale

P. vivax

a little god comes in & protests
will as extensity holler
in all your original flapping sins,
your 17th century arcade
beating down staunchest river
some summer slag-heap
in theory butler
bitten, plow
some jailed hintback
in the doctorlight

Doily Construct School of Itself

crown head refracture
in filth up to its teeth
the haughty unhinged
this armored petty
implies the fractious
vanilla half-shot
(just another puckered asshole
caught fingering the moon)
in our task-mask, crown-girls
buried in logic, grasping at straws
all the pickled magic of the spheres


Elizabeth Treadwell is a proud member of the Irish, English, & Cherokee diasporas. She lives with her family in northern California. These are parts of her long poem, " Virginia or the mud-flap girl," which was inspired in part by Jimmie Durham's sculpture "Pocahontas' underwear." Her books include Chantry, Cornstarch Figurine, Birds &Fancies, and Wardolly.

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