December 19, 2010

December 19th: Susana Gardner

     Adores her itinerant
Quivering  Sea of voices

     Image   legible
Iridescent  rich& lush

Binding December    alone
     Eat your early paradox:
Dirty Cloak Industry

Artless is
     Radiant exultant
Contractions of little mugs

Heaving& rising
     Incident me:
Come, Come, Come!

Answer mechanically
     Thoughts persist
Alcohol tedious    thereafter

Inward damp imbecilic
     Dress    half undone
Evident atrocity

Ought I leave?
     His harlot artfulness
Wanton carmine-tinted menacing

     Wakefulness  desiring
Luscious lips        diminish

     Idempotent     perfidy
Apogeic maxims

Susana Gardner's latest book, Herso, An Heirship in Waves is forthcoming from Black Radish Books. She lives in Zürich.

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