May 1, 2011

Diana in the Bath

by Angie Kirby

The following is a found poem from a marvelous article online about Diana Vreeland's bathroom memos to Vogue staff.

Diana in the Bath

I do not hear from anyone
a suggestion of a face
or something that would be suitable.

We are on the verge of a drastic emergency.

I speak of this very often
and as soon as I stop speaking
the pearls disappear.

No one has taken
the slightest interest in freckles,
this delicious coquetry.

Don't forget the serpent, the serpent
should be on every finger and all
wrists and everywhere, we cannot
see enough of them.

This girl I know looks like another
generation, her limbs, her way
of using the body — no one has
fussed with her — her wrist, throat,
arms and brow are superb.
I suggest that she is refreshing.

She has always felt unwanted, she has
never learned to use her face.

The photographers are all looking for babies.
None of them are finding any.

We are on the verge of a drastic emergency.

Delicious serpent, teach her eyes to smile.
Nothing gives the luxury of pearls,
please keep them in mind.

Bio: Angie Kirby received her BA with honors in poetry from Duke University. She is currently a freelance copywriter and graphic designer. Her latest work is in a forthcoming anthology from Bull City Press.

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