December 22, 2012

DAY 22: KATE GREENSTREET, You Say Our Love is a Forest Fire

collage by Lilly Pereira
(click image for audio)


You say our love is a f
orest fire

half open
our burning open
your broken open sleeping
longer each day
hours just dreaming of the luggage
woods are burning down the words
you turned to speak
say ours
in a language I can't read
shoulder it
for hours
say woulds are
burning up our metaphor
in black and white
half closed
you turn
why is it so hot in here
you sit and sit and sit you say
our love you see it
burning far away

“You say our love is a forest fire” was made for the opening of Lilly Pereira’s art exhibit at Flying Object in June 2012, a response to her collage “Circular Ruins.”

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Carol Peters said...

love it, congratulations, Kate