December 21, 2013


Joshua Ware reads HILDA MORLEY'S Winter Solstice. Morley (September 19, 1916–March 23, 1998) was an American poet.Morley told Contemporary Authors: "I have been writing poems since I was nine years old and was adept at the sonnet form in my thirteenth and fourteenth years, having used rhyming quatrains before that. In my later teens and through my twenties I used both rhymed and freer forms, influenced by H. D. and D. H. Lawrence. By my mid-thirties I was committed to a line derived from William Carlos Williams, making the rhythm of the poem out of the elements of ordinary speech. The need to write poetry came out of the urgent pressure toward placing and forming my experience, giving a voice to what I felt. The capacity to look and to imagine freed me from confusion. They were my windows, connecting me to the world and the poems were a way of giving back what had been given me—the gifts and offerings the visible, tangible, audible world gave me. I was the channel which rendered back what was offered, a means or an instrument by which they could reach others, other senses and responses. More recently, I began to think of the poems as recordings of lessons I had learned, roadmarks which could be of help to others. Perhaps there is some moral intent behind this way of thinking. In any case there is still and always the need to be released from the burden of the experience, a notion shared by the prophets of the Old Testament who were driven to speak of what they knew and by the troubadour poets impelled to sing their joys, their angers, their despairs, their longings."
JOSHUA WARE reads his own poem, "Rough Spring Sonnet 20". Ware is the author of Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley and several chapbooks. His writing has appeared in journals such as American Letters & CommentaryColorado ReviewConduitGulf CoastNew American Writing, and Salt Hill. He lives in Cleveland, where he teaches at Case Western Reserve University and writes for the literary website Vouched Books. 
Joshua Ware is from the moon.

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