December 25, 2013

DAY 24: W.G. Sebald and Erin Virgil

W.G. Sebald was a German writer and academic and the author of three books of poetry: For Years Now with Tess Jaray (2001), After Nature (1988), and Unrecounted (2004)  Erin Virgil reads W.G. Sebald's poem "Timetable." 

Erin Virgil reads her poem, HermitageErin Virgil is a poet and essayist living in northern Colorado.  She has an MFA from Naropa University and her work has been published by Wolverine Farm, Fast Forward, Colorado Life Magazine, Indigo Ink.  She has books forthcoming from Monkey Puzzle Press and from Dancing Girl Press.  She keeps up a literary sort of blog at

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