December 3, 2015

ADVENT DAY THREE: Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

from {{terrain grammar}}

gilded ether feminine shadow
hygiene of fabric
scientific chemise

chokepoint anew 
scanty chemistry
torque scheme

ethnic frill / icy 
balloon / unforgiving
intimate shocks

without a scalp
crossroads of dying
sing the domestic

inanimate velvet
holler their niche
glory now tongue

paradise body
exotic misfit veil
bleeds telltale pillow

partial fingerprint
animal trophy
adverse event

distinguished academic
my measurements
a form of adultery

states of beco ming
when i am thru w/u
incompletely demolished

the same empty
diaspora routine
blood bath

leaves in my bed
leaves unconscious
head wounds

flame color reaction
escorts superficial

movement of branches
wants to chain 
the landscape

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa is working on her 9th book of poetry titled {{terrain grammar}}.  Email is welcome at janejoritznakagawa at gmail dot com.

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