December 19, 2008

reb livingston


Diminished Prophecy 1:4
You will transform into a gadget of nuisance and a dohickey
of satire and vacancy in all the beds where the Shepherd
once shepherded you.

Diminished Prophecy 1:5
Among those apartments you will identify no coziness, no
fortress to shield your hubris. There the Shepherd will take
four vicious kisses and the most pious of exits.

Diminished Prophecy 1:6
You will exist in constant puzzlement, blamed with jargon
and prattle both on paper and screen, all your mutant fishes
pillaged and relished by bogeywomen.

Diminished Prophecy 3:1
Be not aroused, O hollow gigolo, for the naked meadows are
emerging homely and cross. Sentiments are being warehoused;
the scarecrow and the weirdo weakly submit their princely

Diminished Prophecy 5:1
"The tendrils you inflict and the vainglory of your mettle
have bereaved you, you who snuffle the parts of manes, who
mingle twinkle with a metric swindle. Though you mend your
memoir infused with greeted laurel, sans knuckles, from
those lines I weed and heave," declares the Sultana.

Diminished Prophecy 5:2
My Tempest will spurn them because they have not maligned him;
they will be vagrants without fish worries.


Reb Livingston is the author of Your Ten Favorite Words (Coconut Books), editor of No Tell Motel and publisher of No Tell Books .

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