September 20, 2009


Nonverbal Reviews and Adaptations of Women's Poetry

Mina Loy, Surreal Scene

  1. Deborah Poe birds & beads Kate Schapira
  2. Anna Lena Phillips boots, bottles, buttons Molly Tenenbaum
  3. Melissa Severin tucks Emma Rossi, Elizabeth Barbato, Suzanne Heyd, and Daniela Olszewska
  4. Krista Franklin opens a window on Linda Susan Jackson
  5. Krista Franklin gilds Ruth Ellen Kocher
  6. Abi Stokes collages Matthea Harvey
  7. Tyler Flynn Dorholt splices Sandy Florian, Joyelle McSweeney, Laura Solórzano, and Kim Hyesoon
  8. Jennifer Karmin street teams Kristin Prevallet
  9. Daniela Olszewska puts a bow on Chelsey Minnis
  10. Christine Neacole Kanownik horses around with Jennifer Scappettone
  11. Janet Snell goes Dickinson on Nanette Rayman-Rivera

Original Call for Work
What book, chapbook, performance, or poem by a woman poet published/presented in the last year or two has left you speechless? How might that speechlessness manifest itself visually, sonically, or through another nonverbal medium?

Please create a response to this piece; your response can act like a review, adaptation, homage, investigation, companion piece, Frankenstein, child, or any mash-up of the aforementioned. In September 2009, all responses submitted will be featured as part of a forum here on Delirious Hem.

Curated by K. Lorraine Graham and Becca Klaver.

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AG said...

This is a fantastic project! I love the work so far.