December 2, 2010

December 2nd: Melissa Severin

Your Own Personal Advent

Life attempts to unregret itself.
The sky is a sign:

Venus and Jupiter reflect a decade, a mis-
incarnation. Leaving home

backs get smaller, unfamiliar
obstacles like the river's name

you misspelled. Aggrieved,
the trains ebb out of stations,

clouds as snow from planes
above them. Both of us

have luck. Behind a steeple
the nine of cups and king of wands

intoxicatingly disregard careful
wishes. They prefer unpredictable games

to keep you near. The pleasure,
the pain sing along--

twin saws bowed with sugars and stains;
take this moment and bask in it.

These are the makings undoing
themselves. These are the best

and worst times felled in every forest.
One gone among many.

Melissa Severin lives in Chicago, IL. Her chapbook, Brute Fact, is available from dancing girl press and she sometimes writes about Liverpool FC at Empire of the Kop.

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