May 23, 2011

fabric girl

by Jillian Mukavetz

face figured masks. of disaster. of laughter
ordinary cloaks, roast grass.
seed blend weeds
and shy pleurisy.
weaves the wind, metal detectors and missing keys: fabric girl
love is sartorial.
sheared mascara
split time, wrists, and sealed plethora
puzzled palms
review only to view
meanings in syllabus.
smeared, trust, letters. a girl audition in moral expletives.
fabric girl
trusts cuts and mends, couth labels. fabric ends

jillian mukavetz asks: how you would like me to define. what i perceive. define decreation? my eyes will never mirror yours. image and language and sound and idea negotiate space. everyone owns free will and behavior. from this perspective, maybe “I” means i love animals. i love my friends. i love bees and horses. i believe in human justice and feminism. i play the fiddle. i record cinepoems. i have a personal blog and a blog that interviews 21st century women writers and their aesthetic diversity. i take pictures. i write poems and essays. i volunteer. i am getting my MFA in poetry at New England College. maybe this is “about me.” or maybe just cracked shards of a dream.

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