December 8, 2015


i wake up on ice with parts of me missing

and masturbate with my eyes open

thinking about cursive letter combos 

tongued into my clit

it’s a certain form of torture 

to forget how cum tastes
then remember while licking
leftover pancake batter

it’s a certain form of torture
to wonder what will finally end your body
after you’ve put so much time

and so many knives into it

let’s take pictures of ourselves 
while in pain

let’s plan a heist
and chicken out

Chelsea Tadeyeske is from Milwaukee and currently 
lives in Cincinnati. This picture was taken when she 
was seven years old and those highlights are natural. 
She wants to fall in love with your handwriting and write 
a poem with you. E-mail her at curvedyellow (at) gmail (dot) com 
and she will give you her address so she can do both of those things.

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