December 11, 2015

ADVENT DAY ELEVEN: Elizabeth Treadwell


& of the citysea then
& to our coral chapel
& of our mercy lane
the antique & the daily
waltz & relevance
& in & of our forepaws
as our tidal hymnals
an infinite mossy cathedral
long the shore, this being
skin & explication
the parish & the organ
as little lakes form & 
as we, gentling
a mercy’s distillation
futurities & presence
astride passage & curious
the daily antique
as a phraseology as
an infinite waltz
of mercy lanes
& to the velvet sidewalk
& of the citysea

for DxE

Elizabeth Treadwell's Penny Marvel & the book of the city of selfys is forthcoming from Dusie in 2016. Posy: a charm almanack & atlas appeared from Lark this fall. A selection from her earlier books is included in Out of Everywhere 2: Linguistically Innovative Poetry by Women in North America & the UK (Reality Street, 2015) and her essay “Ecology” appears in the Chicago Review’s recent forum on gendered violence in literary communities. This poem is from a manuscript titled Shimmer.

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