December 14, 2015



for/after Douglas Kearney at Emergent Forms, Ashland, OR

take a familiarity in hand

once i was many women

gathered in one face

once i was whole- ly un-selfed

i resemble many women

i hardly resemble myself here there the accidental name

already can imagine father abraham

one hand raised reverent faux or otherwise

had many sons

how many have delighted the blood

how many letters constitute a performance

how many letters did you write me

(always letters)

many sons what numbers

correspond had father abraham

in what sequence do the words

perform in what way do the words

allow themselves to be


when human cruelty is performed

where & who are you / are you?

i am one of them

JJ Rowan is present at the moment. Her current moments take place in Southern Oregon, in the breath of a stride, and in her chapbook, the selected jesus (Shirt Pocket Press, 2015).

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