September 6, 2010

A Tribute to Leslie Scalapino (Day 3 of 4)

Leslie Scalapino 1944 - 2010

We honor her passing and celebrate her not ever passing.

The attitude that the writing is invalidated by it being experience has its corollary–in the objection to there being in writing ‘thought’ which is at one in the same as ‘occurrence.’ Is that occurrence.” LS in The public world/syntactically impermanence

Reading Leslie Scalapino is/as an altering act/event. We invited those who knew her and/or her work to write alongside/simultaneously to/of/on her/her writing as tribute. What follows here and over the course of the week is what came. We are grateful to know that her writing will live on in the world, in us, and will continue to be written and spoken about. We thank everyone who responded. We thank Tom White. We thank Tracy Grinnell. Most of all, of course, we thank Leslie.

eds Cara Benson, Elizabeth Bryant, Cathy Wagner

Day 3:

"a small memory": Martha Ronk

Joyelle McSweeney on Dahlia's Iris

Richard Price, "Boxed"

Linda Russo's "Homage to O: a Book by Leslie Scalapino"

"10 or so questions about It's go in horizontal": Elizabeth Bryant in conversation with Leslie Scalapino,with poems by Scalapino in the special issue of Dusie in which the conversation first appeared

Marthe Reed on Scalapino's "fiercely compassionate attention"

Pierre Joris remembers Leslie

"Priories": Elizabeth Treadwell

Celia Bland "The Meter-Dash: Punctuation and Poetics in Crowd and Not Evening or Light"

"Leslie Loved Invasion of the Body Snatchers": Laura Hinton

Heidi Lynn Staples' "My 'that they were at the beach': a tribute poem"


Laura Hinton and Tom White on Leslie Scalapino at Chant de la Sirene

Letters to Poets: Leslie Scalapino and Judith Goldman,” Jacket 31. October 2006.

HOW2 Special Feature on Leslie Scalapino — Coordinated by Laura Hinton

Mountain top collaborative tribute poem

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