December 25, 2015


Getting Ready for Christmas

Tonight, Liz and I drive home.
We are still laughing about some stupid song--
the sky is nearly pink--

she says something about how it's too late for us.

We take the wrong exit.
We take the wrong exit, again.

I roll my eyes
at the house on the right
with the ungodly light display.
Stop being so Jewish she barks,
because I am still hoarding pumpkins.

Through the window,
the purple is palpable,
and I'm ready now
for the sky to open wide

like the promise no one
ever expected
would be kept.

SARAH MARCUS is the author of They Were Bears (forthcoming in 2017 on Sundress Publications) and BACKCOUNTRY (2013, Finishing Line Press).

Her other work can be found at The Huffington Post, Cimarron Review, Spork, among others. She's an editor at Gazing Grain Press, a VIDA volunteer, and the Series Editor for As Is Ought To Be’s High School Poetry Series: Gender, Identity, & Race.

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