April 18, 2011

this is the girl of the moment

by carina finn

this is the girl of the moment

the look of the moment is campesino chic. all the lavaliers can be used as ammunition. the word of the moment is functionality. the girl of the moment should be unable to sit. this is the essential pose for spring. all of the condiments are crinoline.

this is the year of the magazine. matte is the new glossy! liner is the new kiss. campfire badges adorn the uncanny. the girl of the moment has never seen a century.

the biennial couture collection approaches! the girls line up to walk a treatise. the treatise takes place in the coffeeshop alley. heark to herald a moment of adversity! last season, all of the girls are starving.

the girl of the moment is pop. pop is the concurrent drama. the drama is sponsored by your local news radio. the radio is the body of a very young girl. the girl is a wasteland. this is the allegory: a voice walks into a bar and orders a body. the bartender is an inkwell. the inkwell is the scourge of a millenia unmaidened. the girl of the moment wears nothing but white. the girl of the moment eats nothing but summer. this moment is always already over. to comprehend the pre-season collections one must employ a derivative commandment.

this is the girl of the moment : a starling sipping tea from a holly leaf : a honeytart baked in pearbrandy : the girl is a moment of : a recipe torn from a futurist cookbook and soaked in ice cream before steaming the girl of the moment is caffeine detritus : the girl of the moment evokes the scandinavian arpeggios in early spring : the moment is nude lips and bronze shimmer-statue : the girl of the moment is taupe! the moment is cheap rhine wine : the girl of the moment is picnic-basket the girl of the moment is straw-brimmed : the girl of the moment is beribboned : the moment is highly breakable alabaster glass : the girl is vaguely chateauesque.

this is the girl of the moment : the girl of the moment is drag. drag is the unofficial party trick of the season. the season is a retrospective of the life of the media. the media has been wounded. the dresses are chestless to showcase the scars. scars are the up-and-coming accessory. the accessory is the murder of a girl in the making. the moment is transient, that is to say, feathers! the hairband is the new waistline. the metaphor is the new stitch.

bio: carina finn is an mfa student at the university of notre dame. her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in cutbank, storyglossia, seven corners, melusine, connotation press, & elsewhere. she has won two academy of american poets prizes & been nominated for a pushcart. she blogs @ ladyblogblah.wordpress.com

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