April 28, 2008


"Antiphonies is a primer on some of the most exciting work in contemporary Canadian poetry. These essays deal with the period from the 1980s to the present, and discuss a wide range of work, from books already acclaimed as modern classics--such as Erin Mouré’s O Cidadán, Lisa Robertson’s Debbie: An Epic, and Karen Mac Cormack’s Implexures--to the equally remarkable work of Susan Clark, Catriona Strang, Lissa Wolsak, Christine Stewart, Deanna Ferguson, Lise Downe, Nancy Shaw, a. rawlings, Marie Annharte Baker and others. The essays are complemented by brief selections of poems and poetics statements."


Edward Byrne | The Women (First Reel): On Susan Clark
Susan Clark | from Bad Infinity
Peter Larkin | Lisa Robertson: How Pastoral Is More and More Possible
Susan M. Schultz | “The Ark I”: Lissa Wolsak’s The Garcia Family Co-Mercy
Tom Beckett | An Interview with Lissa Wolsak
Peter O’Leary | “What Lies Beneath My Copy of Eternity?”: A Religious Reading of Lissa Wolsak’s Poetry
Pete Smith | 63 Out-takes from the D.F. Show
Nancy Shaw & Catriona Strang | On Collaboration
Christine Stewart | This Then Would Be the Conversation
Edward Byrne | Raddle Moon: A Talk
Reg Johanson | Straight Forward Approach: Annharte’s Exercises in Lip Pointing
Miriam Nichols | Toward a Poetics of the Commons: O Cidadán and Occasional Work
Caroline Bergvall & Erín Moure | O Yes
Chris Daniels & Erín Moure |An Exchange on Translation
a. rawlings | Articulate/Punctuate: Tracking an Obsession with Collaborative Performance
Lise Downe | Five Poems
Gerald L. Bruns | Karen Mac Cormack Among the Pagans
Alan Halsey | Responses to & for Karen Mac Cormack
Stephen Cain | An Interview with Karen Mac Cormack
John Hall | Karen Mac Cormack’s Implexures: An Implicated Reading

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