June 15, 2015

Delirious Hem: Archiving Pussipo

Dear literate corpses,

As of June 2015, the group formerly known as PUSSIPO is now known as HemPo, by vote of the membership.

The group's Facebook and Twitter pages have been updated to reflect this change. (You do not need to change your likes or follows.)

No stranger to the beguilement of decay, DELIRIOUS HEM stubbornly remains. DELIRIOUS HEM shall perpetually offer up (barring apocalypse) the larval archives of the many-tentacled historical Pussipo, preserving in rows and rows of creepy jars each oozing feature—nine gloriously messy, experimental years!

Seek solace in the browsable directory in the right sidebar. All published features have been expertly embalmed.

If HemPo creates a new magazine/blog to carry into the future, we will include a link directing readers toward it.

Our historical organs ever throbbing,
we remain yours,