May 31, 2011

SEAM RIPPER: Table of Contents

SEAM RIPPER: Women on Textual & Sartorial Style
Introduction by Kate Durbin | "Revenge of the Slip Dress Sluts"
Becca Klaver | OUR STYLE: A Collage
Jillian Mukavetz | fabric girl
Michelle Detorie | Fashion and Writing Show
Kate Durbin | N O BIKINI
Catherine Daly | What I Wore
Angie Kirby | Diana in the Bath
Cristián Flores García | What Can Poetry Teach?
Arielle Greenberg | from Locally Made Panties
Marisa Crawford | from Reversible
Khadijah Queen | 3 Poems
Danielle Pafunda | from The Book of Scab
Yvette Thomas | The Panoply of Silk
Anna Lena Phillips | desiderata
Nicole Steinberg | From a Closet of Grief
Lily Ladewig | 5 Hats
Jennifer Tamayo | CUSTOM & CLOTHING
Danielle Roderick | The Pantsuit
jojo Lazar | 4 Poems
Susan Yount | Socks of Fire
Angela Veronica Wong | On Looking Like
Elisa Gabbert | "Some Notes on Fashion"
Dana Teen Lomax | from All Made Up
Rosebud Ben-Oni | "No Las Olvidadas"
Carrie Murphy | "Reticule" & "Armored"
Ingrid Pruss | "Ad Fontes"
Becky Peterson | "Clogs"
Alexandra Marzella | "OKay."
Amaranth Borsuk | "IDEM THE SHAME"
Amanda Montei | "Four Poems"
Caolan Madden | "FRILLWHIPPER"
Daisy Rockwell | "Wedding Dress"

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