June 8, 2010

Call for posts: Tribute to Leslie Scalapino

"In making a connection, I'm not proposing that one's language, sounds, conceptual shapes alter events outside. Rather, writing can note that one's/their sounds and conceptual shapes are events -- that are also along with events in the outside. A poem may place these together. As such one's conceptions alter oneself and being, and alter their and one being outside. The individual (and any individual instance) occurs as reading. As: while, alongside, and being (reading is an act)." -- LS, "Eco-logic in Writing" in EcoLanguage Reader (Brenda Iijima, ed)

“… ‘horizontal’ is a way of seeing everything flowing, existing at different times in parallel simultaneous spaces–not permanent, but not ever passing either.” -LS in conversation w/Elizabeth Bryant, Dusie #8

Leslie Scalapino's writing placed inside/outside events together with/in spacetime. Reading Leslie Scalapino is/as an altering act/event. We honor her passing and celebrate her not ever passing. We invite you to write alongside/simultaneously to/of/on her work for a special issue of Delirious Hem, http://delirioushem.blogspot.com/.

We are especially interested in critical appreciations and analyses (in any style or format) of passages from Leslie Scalapino's work. The Barbara Guest Memory Bank, http://www.asu.edu/pipercwcenter/how2journal//bg_memorybank/bg_memory.html, edited by Lauren Shufran for the Summer 2007 issue of How2, might serve as a model, as might the Alice Notley Constellation (http://www.bbk.ac.uk/cprcevents/alicenotley.html) edited by Carol Watts. Poems, images, personal memorials, and short essays are also welcome.

Since 2006, Delirious Hem has been devoted to writing by and about experimental women poets. Topics have included features on Kundiman, Lucille Clifton, Kari Edwards, the Dusie kollectiv adventskalender, Gurlesque, and the "Numbers Trouble" controversy. Contributors have included Anne Boyer, Bernadette Mayer, Amy King, Alison Roh Park, Evie Shockley, Lee Ann Brown, Hoa Nguyen, Gloria Anzaldua, Jennifer Bartlett, Vanessa Place, Tara Betts, T.A. Noonan, Sharon Mesmer, Naomi Shihab Nye, Sarah Vap, Rachel Levitsky, Mairead Byrne, Marcella Durand, Myung Mi Kim, and many others.

Deadline: Aug 1

We hope you will contribute.

Very best,

Cara Benson (cbenson67 [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Elizabeth Bryant (miss.elizabeth.bryant [at] gmail [dot] com)
Cathy Wagner (cathwagner [at] gmail [dot] com)