December 14, 2010

December 14th: Jenny Gropp Hess

Ornaments of Providence & Welded Water

snowy December
           instead of a hot air balloon
           I have cardinals
                       in melted birdbath water,
           like a well-meaning professor
                       saying morning.


I drink a sunlit whiskey,
        a belt of coal
right through me.

                  at the ice tray,
disrupt a cube.

remembered names,
           like black holes
           folded into hand-passed


O Mailman,
             your thousand boxes
             are spots on a bush
             where berries grow.
                            if someone dies
              or moves away,
                            another berry
        in the same place.


somewhere the parrot
                 and the aloe
                 will outlive me

above, the sky
             slow-churns icily,
             crosses like freezer gin.
a cold pilot light

Jenny Gropp Hess attends the University of Alabama and edits the Black Warrior Review. Her work appears in or is forthcoming from Colorado Review, Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, Parcel, Unsaid, Seneca Review, and others.

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gerry boyd said...

like this quite a bit. thanks for sharing.