December 8, 2010

December 8th: Jen Tynes


Adults in early winter love
                                 climbing toward open skin, walking in
 the center of trails where weeds do not
                                 brush against them. Burning it
with a match. The next best things
                                 to wide masking tape are the eyes
and hands of small children. Myself, I feel
                                 black as the head of a pin. You may want
to put this in a jar of rubbing alcohol
                                 permanently marked with the date
and location. You may want to mouth
                                 like a tiny barb, use petroleum
jelly or nail polish. I have displayed
                                 the ruffle of your waist band
marks like a bird that eats all
                                 the gardenias. I have rivered off
the yard dust with a half-frozen
                                 coil before we close in
on the evening.

Jen Tynes lives in Denver and edits horse less press. She is Reviews and Interviews Editor for Denver Quarterly. Most recently she is the author of Heron/Girlfriend (Coconut Books). A chapbook collaboration with Mike Sikkema, Autogeography, is forthcoming from Black Warrior Review.

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