April 18, 2011

What Is It, and How Do You Use It

by Allison Layfield

What Is It, and How Do You Use It

I will answer when you learn with your fingers teasing
teeth pulling satin from skin us girls playing sneaky with the luger
from the underwear drawer it is a matter of manners you will discover
My Little guns when you master motion winks lips ungloving
your hands we call it Burlesque when you learn how to other people
grow in fragile comedy to twist a funnel of stocking
around your torso a limp cat a campy name we chase it Sister
it is a matter of noise damage your arm the serpent escaped.

Bio: Allison Layfield writes about princesses and the dresses and shoes that make them. She is on the editorial staff of Bone Bouquet, a journal of women's poetry.

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