December 25, 2012

DAY 25: JONATHAN SKINNER, "Fin ioi me don' alegranssa"

"Fin ioi me don' alegranssa"
Fine joys my down alleges
Persecution's plush guy amen
A normal thing to a pinched answer.
Knee an egg once, pounce a man,
Car-psyche sonar's mundane.
False lousy NGOs eat trans
And their malefic nominal glare's
Ambience sounds us, tense blue gears.
Eminence front angels' finance
Leaves loud zingers, mild ease in
Come; nuns put a verse on rancid
Cobs, belts, a cord of men.
Kissed sundial tryst'll soon blend
Comely nails, whose key suspends
Squelches, else in pert saris and
Per cunning aim, gents salve eyes.
In evil, jealous mailed parlance,
No squeegies came on Tarzan.
Can you say ovens don't please me
Per talky dolls a false desire.
--Countess of Dia

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