March 13, 2015

Enough is enough

Enough is enough. We've been thinking about concrete steps. This is one small thing we can do. It is proposed not as a solution, but a step. Marking our intentions.

This banner is available as a set of sharable assets in various formats.

Here is the Google Drive Folder, Enough Is Enough Banners. Anyone with the link can access these files and they are downloadable and editable. (Please do not edit the originals on the drive. Save them locally before altering them.)

The updated (3/26/15) folder contains the InDesign files (.indd), Photoshop vector smart objects (.psd), a full PDF of the assortment, pngs with transparent backgrounds, gifs with transparent backgrounds, and print-quality jpgs.

Curators and hosts may freely use them on posters, event pages, invitations, calendars, and social media, etc. You are also free to create your own using the same or similar language or look. The Creative Commons license is as open as possible (and really no need to attribute where inconvenient).

Oh, somebody mentioned doing a square shape for Facebook and Twitter profiles, and I will do that, just haven't had time yet. Feel free to use one of these and just crop it in the meantime.

Thank you Weird Sister for the shoutout


NOTE FOR FACEBOOK USERS: Enough Is Enough: pngs (for best result on Facebook)

Facebook is compressing some of the images, creating jagged edges in a few cases. (This is not the file, but their processing of it.) If you have this trouble, try the pngs. Also, it may help to post them to your timeline or into an album first, not directly as a profile or cover photo. (Supposedly the process is different.) Pussipo is also hosting a set already on FB that is public and can be shared (linked above).

For print, get the elements from the InDesign file, the scalable vectors in the Photoshop file, or if you don't have software to open and edit these, use the jpgs, which are 300 ppi and CMYK.


An example of how one can be added to a poster or flyer.

Or you can just post it on your FB event page, blog, or website.

The first poster we've seen using the banner: Weird Sister /
the Atlas Review / Gazing Grain / Switchback Books at AWP,  4/9/15.

The Ruth Stone Foundation has the banner displayed on their site.

Spooky Girlfriend Press is using the banner as their FB profile pic.
They also have it on their AWP event page.

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