December 1, 2015

ADVENT DAY ONE: Jacqueline Kari

Losing it/ I am always the Virgin

I always  virgin
even when we switch roles, fuck you
w/ infinite vectors        I still the virgin
Isn’t sexy  ?
I do my whores           I virgin

Virgin chafes mommy suit;
whore and virgin resist mommy
I must eventually don Mommy, don Crone:
This has been decided for me

(Acts like a shed
Actually, amasses)

I am going crazy! I duplicitous when I supposed to
be one flesh with specific use +/or exchange value,
clearly daddy issued

Have you peaked in my box? Beware:
I am both alive and dead: in me I contain
multitudes of virginities           They teem up

They pop each other on the head
I schoolmarm them.

I box their candy ankles
I lipstick their bruises
I powder their no’s

sez we glimpse out the sublimate        
We a muse      me swallow them        
anew hole

Jacqueline Kari is the author of The Book of Tell {dancing girl press} and Litel Myn Tragedye (forthcoming in 2016 on Birds of Lace). Other poems, visual art and translations have appeared in Tarpaulin Sky, Action Yes, Lana Turner, RealPoetik and elsewhere. She lives, studies and works in Athens, GA.

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