June 1, 2009

Cara Benson on Marianne Apostolides

Cara Benson edits the online journal Sous Rature. Her book (made) is forthcoming from BookThug.

Swim by Marianne Apostolides
BookThug 2009

If ever there was a feminist beach read, Swim is it. Get ready for a Lacanian submersion in language as a swimming narrator seeks through strokes and breath a metaphor for her failing marriage. As slippery as water is the chronology as story surfaces and dialogue - did someone say that? - folds in the waves of the lines. Subconscious rises at great risk. Birth, betrayal, bite. Consider yourself warned.

1-blush astonish surrender pulsing count laps


3-rolled over to hug my partner

4-cause you to count your breathing

5-swims [I know it’s obvious, but boy…

6-blue wave

7-“Shush, she’d say, then read a story - spoken, soothing - the words not grasped as logic - discrete, defined - but rather as sound with rounded intention - offered as maternal/love, directly onto the body.”

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