June 2, 2009

Elisa Gabbert on Joy Williams

Elisa Gabbert holds degrees from Rice University and Emerson College. Her recent work appears in Colorado Review, Pleiades, Salt
, The Laurel Review, Eleven Eleven, Meridian, Washington Square, and Diagram, and her collaborations with Kathleen Rooney can be found in Boston Review, Coconut, Caketrain, jubilat, No Tell Motel, and other journals. A chapbook, Thanks for Sending the Engine, is available from Kitchen Press, and a second, My Fear of X, is forthcoming from Kitchen Press in 2009. In addition, That Tiny Insane Voluptuousness, a collection co-written with Rooney, is available from Otoliths.

The Quick and the Dead by Joy Williams

Knopf 2000

Six words that describe this book: Poignant, mystical, taut, quirky, wicked funny.

When I first read this book, I ... savored it in small chunks like expensive chocolate. I reread many sentences and paragraphs, like skipping back to the beginning of a good song. I read one chapter aloud to my boyfriend as though it were a self-contained short story.

When I finished this book, I ... was sad it was over.

This book will ... make you want a little daughter-child even if you hate kids.

This book ... unfolds like the best conceivable miniseries inside your brain.

A favorite quote:

Gratitude flooded Stumpp’s tired heart. Little precursor. Wee mahout. Form the mover of all things. Time mixed up, almost flew right past, the whole shebang. No need for time to be dark, could be bright, transcendent. Pickless, was it …

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