November 26, 2014

Alt Lit and Rape Culture - Table of Contents

The Context: In late September, Sophia Katz wrote an essay detailing her sexual assault by "Stan." Soon thereafter, "Stan's" former roommate Sarah Jean Alexander read that essay, recognized Stan as Stephen Tully Dierks, and asked Katz's permission to out him as the rapist at the center of her essay. Katz's essay was the first domino to fall. More allegations and charges of assault, abuse and rape felled other influential figures in the scene, most prominent among them Tao Lin--and those allegations resurfaced previous claims of rape and assault against Steven Trull/Janey Smith (and others) and Gregory Sherl. Two months later, with barrels of ink spilled all over the internet, it seems fair to say that alt lit is dead. For further background about this series--and more links--read the original call for submissions

Alt Lit and Rape Culture - Table of Contents

Introduction: A Warning Before We Begin by series curator Sarah B. Boyle

Separation of Art and Hate - Stacia M. Fleegal
The Sincere Pose - Sarah B. Boyle
Rape as Manifold - D. Dragonetti

Even Though We Were Vegetarian - by Shevaun Brannigan
Good Girls' Belief System and others - by Margaret Bashaar
XXXIV - Sonnet L'Abbé
Service - Chelsea Carter

Rape Culture Roundtable, featuring: Sarah B. Boyle, Sarah Certa, Jos Charles, Kat Dixon, D. Dragonetti, Kia Groom, Eunsong Kim, and Alexandra Naughton

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